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About Us

Child Education & Welfare Society Rajasthan

About UsInspired by various studies, to eradicate the root cause of inequality of the society and to provide education in every village of Rajasthan, a small group of some people найти работу в нижнем новгороде working in different areas of society has emerged, who established this society to provide free education to children living in poor families and bring positive changes in their lives.

Green Valley Rural Education & Welfare Society fr.medadvice.net believes that the education system of the country has developed well in urban areas, while 65 to 70 % of the country’s population still lives in rural трудоустройство в сбп areas. In such a situation, if even a child is deprived of education in the state, then we will not be able to make the dream of “Educated India” successful.

Green Valley Rural Education & Welfare Society believes that to achieve the objective of the society, we have to sensitize them to ensure the participation of citizens and society in this mission.

Green Valley Rural Education & Welfare Society’s aim is to provide education as well as support and protection to orphans, disadvantaged and poor children. Our main relationship is to educate every child of society. Due to poverty, people of backward areas are unable to provide education to their children due to lack of sources of their livelihood. Due to the lack of proper means of transport, some children are deprived of getting an education even to schools. It is also our big objective to arrange for such children to have schools around them.

Our aim is not only to set up such schools for children in villages and dhanis of Jaipur but also all over Rajasthan, where they have to provide, free books, stationery, and other facilities along with free education so that they can participate in eradicating the stigma of illiteracy and unemployment from the country.

Our History

In order to improve the standard of education in the state and a small effort to connect the poor and backward classes of children with education, a school was established in the name of “Pooja Vidha Mandir ” in village Dobla Khurd, Ramgarh of District Dosa, on 22nd June ‘2018. The purpose of this is to connect the poor children of nearby settlements with the mainstream of education.

Initially, only seven students studied in this school, but due to the strenuous efforts of Mr. Pradeep (Present MD of Green Valley Rural Education and Welfare Society), in about two years the number of these children has increased to eighty-seven. The main objective of this school was to provide free uniforms, books, stationery, etc. to the children along with good education.

“Green Valley Rural Education and Welfare Society” was established by Pradeep ji on 26 February 2020 to broaden the same objective of education and to expand education in every single village and backward region of Rajasthan.

Our Mission

Green Valley Rural Education & Welfare Society has игровые слоты играть онлайн a mission for the education and development of children:

  • Establishing new schools for children living in remote areas deprived of education.
  • Making the importance of education to the people of rural areas and poor communities.
  • Bringing medical and health awareness to the people of slam areas.
  • Arranging skill development courses for poor and BPL children.
  • Promoting female education.
  • Identifying hidden talent in backward areas.